Talking about abortion can be intimidating and shame inducing for many. This severe stigma also contributes to unsafe abortions. #MyAbortionStory highlights rarely-told stories of abortion, with artist InduHarikumar , who crowd-sourced and illustrated women’s stories.

9 years ago, I was at a doctor’s clinic in Delhi discussing my options to terminate an unintended pregnancy. The next day I had my bloodwork done. And the day after that my partner and I checked into a private hospital. It was an outpatient Read more

The emotion associated with my experience is that of frustration. It has nothing to do with doctors, abortion or post-abortion care. I am not denying any of those painful experiences. But even today, I remember being frustrated the entireRead more

#MyAbortionStory "I was in Chandigarh on a work trip when something felt like it was bothering me. I felt dizzy, nauseous and somewhat sick. My periods were delayed, yes, but I thought it was the jet lag from an intense period of travelling to multiple countries. Read more

#MyAbortionStory "I found out I was pregnant when my husband and I were on a holiday abroad, about a year ago. I suspected it when my period was very delayed. He suggested that we wait until we get back home to test, home to test,Read more

They wanted to be drawn "staring non-chalantly out of Ubers". "After a fairly long relationship with zero pregnancy scares, we had concluded we were infertile. Turned out we weren't. Boyfriend had just moved abroad, I had joined my first office and now lived alone in a new city,Read more

#MyAbortionStory "There are instances in life which alter its course in an unbelievable way. Mine was when I got 'gently' persuaded to marry an angry young man. A love / sexless marriage mostly from my side meant that sooner or later the inevitable would happen. In theRead more

Submitted by @kumsk "The second time I got pregnant, me and my husband thought that it was too early and decided on an abortion. It was a very unemotional, practical decision for me. As soon as I confirmed pregnancy by a home test I wanted to get the.Read more

TW: #Abortion "Last year, we were in our last year of college and my boyfriend and I moved to Mumbai for four months for an internship. During the first month, I had missed my period. One day, I was standing in front of him, talking to my flatmate Read more

I was 31 and broke. My phone, placed in my boyfriend’s pocket had fallen, in the rickshaw. We failed to notice. He was going away on work. It was our last night together. I came back home and bought myself a new phone and texted him,Read more

Never go to your ex's home on a Friday. Chances are that you won't leave anytime before Monday morning!" The breakup had been bad. Little did I know that the worse was yet to come. We had been together since two years and lived together for 4 months priorRead more